Introducing the only Atmospheric Water Generator made in the USA - the WaterPure™ WaterCycle™, a fusion of science and nature that produces pure, safe drinking water directly from the air we breathe, without depleting water from our reservoirs. Place it anywhere in your home or office. It is also enables people to produce pure drinking water in times of disasters, all you need is electricity or a generator.


■ Money…make pure, safe water for as little as 10 cents per gallon.

■ The Environment…clean the air, avoid the need to recycle, and prevent pollution from delivery trucks.

■ Trips to the Market…save gas and time, have water always there when needed.

■ Yourself from Worry…pure, safe, wholesome water for your family. No more lifting heavy water bottles.

               3 Years Parts & Labor Warranty!

WaterPure International OEM produces private label units to your specs. Call us for more information.